E-Commerce Websites

The world is going online interms of trade as many people are resulting to search and do business online

At Sirmesam Microsystems, we develop computer and android applications software that allow trading over the internet.

The future of the economy is digital and most importantly online business.


Ecommerce draws on technologies such as

  • mobile commerce,
  • internet marketing,
  • electronic funds transfer,
  • online transaction processing,
  • online publishing,
  • online retailing,
  • electronic data interchange and
  • automated data collection systems.

All these innovations are made possible through designing of Ecommerce applications.

At Sirmesam Microsystems, we pride in successfully designing and marketing several E-commerce applications to our clients. We endeavor to penetrate the market well and be key player in production of E-commerce applications in the world.


Benefits of Ecommerce applications

  1. Encourages innovations that enable online commerce
  2. Encourage a shift from the traditional modes of business and payments
  3. It increases sales and profits for the business
  4. A larger geographical reach and customer base
  5. Increased visibility through search engine marketing
  6. Available 24hrs a day/7 days a week/365 days a year
  7. Reduction of advertising and marketing costs
  8. Allows reach a specific target market segmentations and general market

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