Web Design

Investing in a website and a customized Email for your institution is a worthwhile investment. With so many more people using the internet as their first choice for receiving information, there’s a fair chance your business will do well, have global recognition and professional reputation from securing a presence on the internet.

At Sirmesam Microsystems, we don’t just build websites, web build brands since we consider that the first impressions are important. We develop all types of websites and offer web hosting and maintenance services.


Advantages of a Modern Bespoke Website

Custom / Branded Emails


Types of Websites

There are different types of websites, and can be either be dynamic or static.

Static Website

Static web pages don’t change content or layout with every request to the web server until a web author manually updates them with a text editor or web editing tools.

Dynamic Website

On the other hand, dynamic web pages can adapt their content or appearance depending on the user’s interactions, changes in data supplied by an application, or as an evolution over time, as on a news web site.

Both client- and server-side approaches are used in multifaceted websites with constantly changing content and complex interactive features. Dynamic web pages offer enormous flexibility.

Websites related to business include:


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